A webcomic that dives deep undercover to unfurl the dark, petty and incessantly narcissistic world of "journal comics". To do this, Ty Halley has committed to chronicling his own life in an effort to discover the true nature of chronicling one’s own life. Will he come out alive? Keep watching.

Author: I’m a 20-something-psudo-hipster who’s pansexually aberrant enough to be modern and trendy while not going so far as to be unrelatable or one-note. I know some semi-famous people from the Internet; I don’t know if they like me or not. I’m an anti-socialite. I have an eyebrow piercing. I’ve been called over-analytical; I spend a lot of time doing research and composing diagrams. I also write. I also do animations. I watch porn. I enjoy drinking. Sometimes I enjoy not drinking. I hope you like me. At times, I think I can be witty, even clever. I don’t know if I’m a good person.

There's not always a little of you in everyone.

My email is ty.halley [at] gmail [dot] com

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